121807 304 Stainless Steel 5 Tiers Chocolate Fondue Fountain Machine


121807 304 Stainless Steel 5 Tiers Chocolate Fondue Fountain Machine



Model Dimension Voltage Power Temperature Making Material Capacity
121807 Φ370×H800(304) 220V 50Hz 150W + Motor 80W 30°C ~ 110°C 304 Stainless Steel 5-tier



1. adopt new generation forerunner the economy energy type has fever a body and has fever even , automatically control and constant temperature.

2. can quickly and directly melt chocolate , adjustable stanza temperature , heat stability , and do not break chocolate composition.

3. the adoption forerunner bears to grinding seal completely and solve leaking syrup problem of traditional fountain machines , and have service life to grow.

4. Made of food grade 304 stainless steel , the curved dripping platform ensures an even flow and makes a beautiful waterfall chocolate.

5. The heated bottom basin keeps chocolate in a liquid state without buy extra chocolate warmer.

6. 5-tier chocolate fountain offers a fun way to dip , strawberries, cookies , ice cream ball and peanut ball , make the taste more delicious.

7. This fondue fountain machine is widely used in shopping mall , hotel , restaurant , wedding and graduation ceremony , bringing a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.


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