Commercial Juice Extractor WF-A2000


  • Power: 550W, Net weight: 12Kg/26.45Lbs,Rotate speed: 2800 RPM, production speed: up to 5 1/4 quarts per minute
  • Commercial juice extractor is stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and corrosion prevention
  • Commercial juicer has adjustable juice outlet (8 different positions) for convenient placement
  • Juice extractor has the function of separating fruit and vegetable juice and the slag
  • Centrifugal juicer is ideal for juice bars, health clubs, spas, restaurants and institutions and any other place where fresh juice is in demand


Products Name : Electric Stainless Steel Juice Extractor Juicer
Rotate Speed:2800r/min
Extracting Quantity:100-120kg/hr
Fuselage Size:430×350×450mm

Directions for use:

Juice confidential on a solid platform, and then insert the power plug ground wire of power supply socket (socket capacity greater than 10 a). Turn on the switch, you can use. The juice, will need to first processing of fruits and vegetables for cleaning and cutting, (must ensure that the points can cut fruit and vegetables into the feed port.) After start up will cut fruit or vegetables from the feed into the mouth, push on feeding sticks, fruit and vegetable juice automatically from the juice hole. From fruit and vegetable slag slag notch, with small bucket pick up.

1, the machine before use, make sure current is ac 200 v / 50 hz, capacity of the socket
More than 10 a, have reliable grounding line.
2, machine network basket, the blade into the two dowel pin screw nut, cover the computer cover Climb the small hook bolt, adjust the two take the buckle two take a climb (to cover not machine Loose as well), to boot.
3, the machine can’t squeeze hard core of fruit, such as peach, mango, and moisture of the few bananas, coconuts, etc.
4. In fruits and vegetables to feed rod with random attachment, don’t use other things
Instead, in order to avoid damage to the machine.
5, slag notch to maintain patency.
6, machine external cannot flush, avoid to cause the leakage accident, etc.
7, Before clean fruit juice machine, should first pull to cut off the power supply, close the machine.

Cleaning methods:
To pull the plug before clean fruit juice machine, the machine halt. Cleaning as far as possible when using neutral washing.

It can squeeze all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, the simple and convenient operation, automatic spray slag, juice rate is as high as 75% above, convenient processing residue, namely squeezed ready-to-drink, authentic!!

This machine is suitable for small drink shops, fruit shop, restaurants, and hotels, bars, card room, tea bar, cafe, etc, used quite widely. Successful people are also applicable to the family use. As people raising the level of food consumption idea, freshly squeezed juice will replace the carbonated beverage become people’s main commercial juicer is pure natural green drinks production machine, the machine squeeze out the pure juice is freshly squeezed juice, it is one of the main features are: the juice does not contain any artificial preservatives, stabilizers, pigment, essence, water, etc., and the existing concentrate on the market, canned, bottled.


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