Electric Ribbon Printing Machine Date Coding Machine 200W Semi-Automatic Electric Color Ribbon Marking Date Printer Hot Stamp Printer Machine


  • Hot Stamp Printer Model:HP-241B ; Power: 200W ; Voltage: 220-240V;Coding Machine mode:Semi-automatic ; Printing speed: 10~100times/min
  • This semi-automatic coding machine can be used for print production date(year, month, day), batch code, expiry date, weight, etc; Printed material includes: plastic film, different kinds of laminated film, aluminum/plastic film, paper/plastic sheet, leather, plastic products, etc
  • Use hot stamp printing technology instead of the ink printing,Effectively avoid ink pollution.Can print clearly on various soft seal material;This machine can be used for production line work
  • Working principle:using thermal printing ribbon to avoid oil contamination, ensure hands and machinery hygiene and clean. Without drying, clear printing Constant temperature control; Operating temperature can be adjusted to fit for different seal material and color bar
  • Perfect code, light weight, easy to operate, modular design, convenient maintenance and repair costs low.Word box include: blank (6 pcs) ,0 (6 pcs), /(5pcs),1-9(each 5pcs) ,E.X.P.M.F.D.L.O.T (each 1 pcs),A-Z(each 1 pcs)


Product Introductions:
This HP-241B semi-automatic printing machine can be applied to all kinds of assembly line production work
Can be used for printing the date of production and batch in the industries of food, beverage, medicine, etc.
Product Feature:
Using thermal printing ribbon to avoid oil contamination, ensure hands and machinery hygiene and clean.
It can print words on any soft packing materials with the features of extremely clear and never fall off.
We also provide improved photoelectric induction type automatic ribbon printing machine
Suitable for all kinds of production line,Shelf size can be customized according to the production line.
Product Specifications:
Type: Color Ribbon Hot Printer Machine
Coding mode: Semi-automatic
Power: 200W
Voltage: 220V
Printing speed: 10~100times/min,stepless speed adjustable
Printing area:
– Single line:max. 4*35 app. 15 pcs of type
– Double line:max. 8*35 app. 30 pcs of type
– Triple line:max. 12*35 app. 45 pcs of types
Printing type: Arabic numbers,English letters
Hot stamp ribbon: Standard width 30mm or 35mm
Rotation speed 140turn/min
Working temperature: 0~200℃
Word box: blank (6 pcs) ,0 (6 pcs), /(5pcs),1(5pcs),2(5pcs) ,3-9(each 5pcs) ,E.X.P.M.F.D.L.O.T (each 1 pcs),A-Z(each 1 pcs)
Package Content:
1.HP-241B ribbon printing machine
2.Foot Pedal
3.Word Box
4.Screwdriver and Wrench
6.User Manual


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