Ice Cream Machine Standing Three Chamber



Refrigeration Capacity – 30 – 36 L/H

Hopper Volume – 7.2 L x 2

Compressor (HP) – 2

Dimensions – 570 x 800 x 1410 mm

Loading Capacity – 25 pcs/51 pcs

Rated Voltage – 220v/50hz

Rated Power(W) – 2800

Coolant – R22


Temperature of feeding:0-35°C

Environment temperature:5-40°C

1. it adopts digital computer control system, famous brand high quality electric element, advanced productive technology, fault diagnosis, Soft arbitrary modulation, Automatic repair function,, safe and accurate, higher reliability.

2. refrigeration efficiency is higher, smaller power consumption, can save more than 15% than other machines

3. stainless steel handle

4. digital speed control, hardness percentage display

5. fault alarm display: lack to anticipate alarm, refrigeration fault alarm, temperature alarm and so on..

6. R134A/R404A refrigerating fluid,. 380V Voltage,60HZ power source, colors can be chosen


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