Kebab 4 Burner Grill Shawarma Automatic Vertical Machine


  • Central rod that circle is electric and automatic.
  • Smooth Stainless Steel Construction. Various Sizes of Burners. Choose your Size
  • Complete with The Main Vertical Rotisserie Skewer & Thermocouple Gas Safety.
  • Four Burners Engineered to Provide a Crispy Outside.
  • Easy to Clean. Propane Gas.


With Spinning Grillers, you can make Chicken Shawarma, Turkey Shawarma, Beef Shawarma, Lamb Shawarma, Gyros, Doner Kabob and Tacos al Pastor. Grill is made from high quality Stainless Steel with two burners. The Burners were engineered to sear the meat perfectly, crispy on the outside while keeping the meat juicy on the inside.

Item Weight 20.4 Kg
Product Dimensions 81.3 x 61 x 71.1 cm
Material Stainless Steel


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