• Made of heavy duty plastic

• Designed attractively

• Long lasting durability.

• Reinforced corners for safety.

• Mobile on four wheels

• Nests into each other to save stacking space.


The supermarket shopping basket trolley provide a sleek and practical solution for toting of goods or storing of supplies in schools, homes and stores. Our plastic shopping basket with wheels and handle is not only fashionable but uncommonly functional.

Shopping in itself is a hectic task. Going through different shelves with a long list of items you need to buy consumes a lot of energy. Just imagine yourself going from shelf to shelf, picking up the items you want to buy and dragging a heavy trolley with you. That is a scary view. What of if the wheels of the trolley get stuck, the situation becomes even worse. All this scene sounds like a bad dream but in reality, the majority of the shopping malls have such trolleys. These trolleys do not just drain energy out of the shopper but makes it a dull and boring task, eats a lot of time, and kills the desire of shopping.
Every shopkeeper and businessman is concerned about finding a solution to these issues for their customers in order to promote their business. You can go from shop to shop in the market or check various websites on the internet to find the perfect trolley. However, to save you from this ordeal and provide you the best trolleys your mall and customers deserve, we present you Plastic Shopping Basket with Wheels and Handle. Here are some benefits you will get by acquiring these supermarket shopping basket trolley:
Elegant Look: It is designed to add beauty and classic looks to your mall while serving the basic function it is made for.
Easy to Use: This plastic shopping basket with wheels and handle is super easy and light-weight to use. You can either carry it on your arm or roll it along on the floor.
Dual Functions: Our supermarket shopping basket trolley  allows your customers to select the best option according to their needs. It can be turned into a hand basket and can be used as a trolley as well.
Best Quality: We have hand-picked the material used in its production to make sure that it lasts longer and serves better.
Spacious Enough: Our supermarket shopping basket trolley  is spacious enough to carry all the products your customer would be interested in buying.
With all the benefits mentioned above, we are offering these baskets at a low price for you. Place your order today before our stock runs out!


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